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Job, Career and Vocation

Do you know the difference between your job, career, and vocation? What is your job? Career? Vocation? In my current job, I am a Financial Controller at an internet/telecoms service provider. Sometimes, I dislike where I work, some people at work, how I work, and even specific functions or actions. I struggle to get out…… Continue reading Job, Career and Vocation

A to Z Challenge 2019 · A writer, a life, a city

“G” is for Golf and Gallivanting

This is my entry for “G” for the A to Z Challenge. Despite my plan and intention to get closer to “caught-up” status, I am even more behind in the challenge. Most participants would have their “J” published and shared already. I am still on “G”. If only I didn’t go gallivanting too much… #…… Continue reading “G” is for Golf and Gallivanting