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Authors, Writers, Book Launches

February had some days, a week or two, that were quite wonderful as far as my writing life is concerned. Although I was (am) still not writing, I was IN the writing world, attending book launches and chatting with the most awesome and beautiful bookstore owner, the brilliant mind behind SKOOBS, Theatre of Books in…… Continue reading Authors, Writers, Book Launches

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Jimmy: Romy, the new shiny kid in town

There’s a new sparkle in town I want… and sometimes, I do get what I want. It’s a matter of priority. 🙂 Better yet, there is the other Romy version with Crystal Hotfix instead of just the multi coarse glitter fabric… for four times the price: from 2,050 to 2,395 Euros. Hey, if you can…… Continue reading Jimmy: Romy, the new shiny kid in town