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Blogging and writing

Just my two cents… Not all bloggers are writers. Some are photographers. All bloggers who write (about anything) more than share their pictures are writers, somehow. Not all writers are bloggers; they can simply be authors, poets, playwrights, etc., although it doesn’t make sense to not take advantage of additional exposure, unless of course there…… Continue reading Blogging and writing


💙 Meet & Greet: A Puppydoc Party! 💙

Dear all, Do check out Dr. Phoebe’s awesome blog, “Musings of PuppyDoc”, share your blog, and meet new WP friends. 🙂 Share the love. Hugs Anne xxx PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry I have been thinking about something. You guys are awesome. Yes you–each one of you fellow bloggers–are AWESOME. I read your blogs and am… Continue reading 💙 Meet & Greet: A Puppydoc Party! 💙