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INSANITY (inspired by Microcosms Flash Fiction)

It was just one of the many times I spent in the casino. It was a year since I suspected that a depression relapse was imminent. It was exactly a month since my nervous breakdown.


living my best life (with depression)

Originally posted on the Confessions of a Wanderer:
There has seemingly been a theme to my recent posts lately, a theme of sadness … a lack of motivation within me… a sort of difficulty adjusting to the changes in my life. (which thank you to all the the people who have reached out to me…


Better at depression

I was just a melodramatic princess-wannabe who failed to get the prince Barbara Cartland wrote about in her books that I read about in my teens. People would say…

So, I didn’t dwell much on whatever I was going through. It was something that would pass. Everyone said…

I am just a drama queen, with a natural tendency to be manic depressive.

But, I was diagnosed with clinical depression.