disappointed and betrayed

The thing with disappointment is that it is usually dished out to you by those you care about the most, your special people. The more appropriate word is probably betrayal.

Maybe it takes a grown up – a mature person – to be loving, kind and understanding, unconditionally.

For now though, I will not feel bad to call a spade a spade. You transgress, you take accountability. There is no beating around the bush.

Betrayal? That’s just despicable!


A little crazy

I’m just a little insane. The definition of insanity according to Google is the state of being seriously mentally ill. Or madness, basically. Here are some of the synonyms of insanity according to Google: Mental illness, mental disorder, mental derangement, madness, insaneness, dementia, dementedness, lunacy, instability, unsoundness of mind, loss of reason; delirium, hysteria, mania,…… Continue reading A little crazy